HUMNA EDU is a digital platform that offers
education, guidance, consultancy,
and human resources services
in a holistic manner an a school

HUMNA EDU determines individual differences of students,
teachers, counselors, administrators and parents online in a very short time.It reveals the most appropriate
developmental road maps specifically to the person.

It creates a suitable environment for students to reveal their temperament potential,
talent and intelligence performances at
school and supports their development.


Based on the Nine Types Temperament Model, which is scientifically proven, offers effective and easily applicable methods in education.

It guides the students to reveal their positive potential and to acquire the features synthetically/operantly they do not have.

"It aims to raise individuals who know themselves, have a moral perception with awareness and also who can produce technological, scientific, artistic, and philosophical products with wisdom.” 


Temperament Profile

Mental Ability

Personal Development / Self-improvement

Guidance and

Activity Planning and Tracking

Student Tracking

Classroom management

Miterya HR

Education Leadership

Two digital platforms, which are prepared according to the Nine Types Temperament Model,
have been developed as
Temperament and Talent Based Education and Guidance System (MITERIA)
and Digital Guidance System version-2 (DRSv2).


What is the Digital Guidance System Version2 (DRSv2)? 
DRSv2 is a software system focused on identifying and reporting structural individual differences in a simple and functional manner. Providing reports with more than 250 types of detailed recommendations, DRSv2 also includes a module that will lead guidance and consultancy services. Moreover, it provides detailed temperament profile reports on individual differences of all educators and parents.

What is Temperament Based Education and Guidance Approach (MITERIA)?
 MİTERYA is a software system that detects structural individual differences and allows monitoring of individual development. It identifies students' structural individual differences on the basis of temperament and mental ability. It follows the development of parameters onpersonality, social skills, values, global and universal life skills. MİTERYA offers suggestions for personal development with more than 2000 report types.

MITERYA, which provides not only student-oriented reports but also reports for educators and parents,offers education, guidance, consultancy and human resources services to its users in a holistic manner in the school environment.


Benefits of HUMNA EDU Applications

HUMNA EDU determines individual differences of students, teachers, counselors, administrators and parents online in a very short time. It reveals the most appropriate developmental road maps specific to the person. It offers consistent, applicable and traceable approaches at all educational stages from pre-school education to undergraduate education.

• Suggestions that will facilitate family, social and professional lives
Getting to know the students accurately and consistently in a very short time
Improving classroom management skills based on individual differences
Suggesting appropriate communication and intervention methods for students and parents
Tricksfor personal, academic and professional guidance for students 

• Having opportunity to reach all students effectively and beneficially in a short time
Facilitating communication with educators, students and parents in a brief amount of time with detailed temperament analysis reports
Identifying students' individual differences
Monitoring progress in online environment suitable for individual differences
Holistic monitoring and organization of the student's personal, academic and professional development processes
Providing more effective and efficient time management for one-to-one meetings with student-specific detailed reports and recommendations

Increasing parenting awareness with personalized reports.
Enabling them to get to know the temperament and ability profiles of their children more closely
Giving practical advice to support their children's personal, social and academic development
Tricksfor a healthy home environment and psychological ecosystem

Following individual development and behavioral performance according to their age groups
Providing an effective roadmap to discover and develop temperament and talent potentials
Saving all analysis from pre-school to undergraduate education in the student portfolio

Managing the psychological ecosystem of the school as a whole
• Specially for leaders; “analysis of individual leadership styles” in an online environment.
Identifying leadership qualities and competencies of managers and strengthening these qualities in a healthy way
Creating a leader-specific leadership profile card
Generating a leadership training program based on individual requirements
Individual, social and professional consultancy service


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